Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Extreme Beast 09

Got this bad boy finished up as a last leg of one commission. Once I actually started, I had a lot of fun working on him.
I went against the standard white and red scheme just to make him seem a little different.
The battle damage on this guy was an experiment and I like how it turned out personally.
Next time I will be less reserved and really lay down some dings and dents.
 Hopefully this will be my last extreme sculpt for a while, not sure how many more of those I can handle.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Dark Age: Skaard, Tribal Father and Grafter

I finished up a couple Dark Age guys for my Skaard over the last couple of weeks. I was just going to post up the Tribal father by himself since he was done first, but he is such a terrible fig, I thought I had better have another one to show as well.
So, I hurried and busted out the Grafter too.
Where as the Tribal father is a pretty awful fig, I love the look of the Grafter. Very suitably creepy.
These two give me a near fully painted demo force. Just need to find some time to get a handful of Buzzblades done.

Let me know what ya think!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Port town Slums

Here's a small terrain piece Ive been working on for the slowly growing Port town.
My buddy, John has been tutoring me in some pretty cool techniques on how to do some different stuff for terrain pieces and so I have been putting them into use here.

Here's is a link to the stuff he's been working on for himself that I have been following to help inspire my own stuff. Geek Garage

The plan has morphed slowly in my head over the last little while, but as of now I plan to have the bottoms and undersides kind slummy with mine entrances and mis-matched, shoddy architecture, and the top being more of a useable city/boardwalk(still shoddy though). Somewhat hard to imagine I know, but I think it will all come together once I get some more done on this piece and start work on a few more similar pieces.

More to come!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chance for more free swag.......

My partner site, the Geek Garage, is doing a random follower drawing for any Warmachine or Hordes starter box set once they hit 50 followers! Trouble is, the site has ground to a screeching halt at 49!
So if you'd like a chance at more free stuff, and to have a gander at some more great hobby content why not go over and follow!?
Lots of cool changes and updates are currently in the works for GG, so keep your eyes on that blog for some awesome content.

Shameless plug out! ;)

Random giveaway winner!

Well folks, two weeks have passed and it is now time to draw for the winner of the box of random hobby goodness.
Here is a quick pic of what the winner will be receiving.

After putting all of the names in the hat, the winner is....................................................................................................................................................

                                        Crazy Bald Head! Congrats!
Hopefully you can find a cool use for all the stuff inside.

I'll need you to contact me with an address within 4 days time or another random winner will be selected.

Again, thanks for following all, and stay tuned for the next giveaway. You never know when or what it might be!

Friday, January 18, 2013

A proud, proud day!

Well, I thought I would go ahead and show off the work of my hobbyist in the making......Recently my 6 year old boy has taken a big interest in "Dads cool figs" so, I decided that it was time to see if he could handle some figures of his own.

I let him peruse through all of my Warmachinr and Hordes books and look at all the studio models online.
He was pretty torn between Cygnar and Circle but eventually came down in favor of huge robots over huge monsters, so Cygnar it was.

He was gung ho right away about painting his figures up, so we went and grabbed a cheapy Reaper fig that he could practice on to get the idea of a few techniques I would teach him.

Well, he took to it right away and came away with some awesome results.
He found it a little difficult to wait for things to dry but he persevered to the end. 

Here's his first two paint jobs. He is very interested to hear what everyone thinks of his Doods. :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Memory lane: Khong-To, slayer of the warmbloods!

In this Memory lane, I'm showing one of my, as of yet rarely seen, Warlord figures from Reaper Miniatures.
Khong-To is the ruler and war leader of the Reptus faction in Warlord.
This guy has seen a spot in at least 90% of my Warlord lists because he is amazing in the game and he is a great and somewhat unusual figure.
 I loved painting this guy. he is another one of those figures that just flowed well from start to finish.

This is the figure that basically drew me to the game, which has really turned out be a lot of fun.
It was a pretty odd move for me, as there is a faction of Dwarves in Warlord, and I always seem to gravitate to the Dwarves in almost every game.
 Perhaps once we start playing Warlord again, you will see this guy in the battle reports.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Lady in.....Pink

So those of you that know of the Throne of Angels Video Blog know that he gives away a ton of cool stuff at random. If you dont know that, you may want to go check it out and subscribe cause as I said, he gives away a ton of cool stuff!!!

I recently was drawn out of his hat for a random giveaway, and recieved my prize in the mail just a few days ago.
I got a very awesome Limited. Breast cancer edition, Halo figure by cool mini or not.
These were all cast in pink resin as a fund raiser for Breast cancer awareness. ( or so I assume)

So, my question to all of you is, do you assemble this fig and leave it plain pink as it is,throw it on a shelf and forget about it, or would you paint it up as you would any other figure in your collection?
Or, the third option: paint it up, but paint with heavy pink accents to keep the figure in line with what it was originally made for?

Here's the awesome figure in question.
                                      (I assure you, she is bright freakin pink)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dust tactics: U.S. walker finished

Recently we have had a bit of Dust interest drum up.
So, I decided I would go and revisit the walker I started some time ago.
I hadnt planned on finishing it right away, but things began to flow and before I knew it, I was done.

I had originally just left it the weathered white color but it was looking pretty plain and bland.
I went ahead and asked a buddy what he thought I should do, and of course, he piped up with one of the hardest things to do(in my opinion). Freehand!

I went ahead and added the hazard stripes and Ally shield,  along with some individually painted battle marks and I'm pretty pleased with the results now.
I had a lot of fun painting this thing. A lot more fun than I have had in a while as a matter of fact!
I'm pretty stoked to move onto the next walker and Infantry right away.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

100 follower milestone and a random giveaway!!

Well, its finally happened. I hit the 100 follower milestone, which I think is awesome!
Its pretty flattering knowing that there are like minded people out there that like to check out my hobby endeavors.
So, as a thank you to all of my followers I am going to do a random drawing giveaway.

The actual items I will be sending out will be somewhat of a mystery as I plan to throw in a smattering of hobby materials and supplies I like to use myself. There may be a fig or two thrown into the mix and possibly some totally off the wall stuff as well.

What I need from all of you is a comment on this post stating interest. That way I am assured that the package is going to someone that will want and use it.
I'll leave it open for two weeks, and then choose a random commenter for the giveaway. If you are not a follower yet and stumble upon this in that time frame, just join the site and throw a comment on here and I'll add you to the drawing.

Thanks again to all that follow or just occasionally peruse my blog!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Madrak Ironhide, World ender and plans for 2013

Well, in an effort to start off 2013 better than 2012 ended, here is the first figure I've finished completely.
This one is another commission to go along with Janissa Stonetide from before.
This figs pose is extraordinarily goofy so it made him somewhat difficult to paint. He just doesn't seem to flow very well from one part to the next. The worst and best part of this project is that its really making me want a Trollbloods army bad!
 The base was left unfinished again at the owners request.

I've also added a Completed figures tally to the sidebar so that I can keep better track of my own progress throughout the year.  Perhaps watching the number rise slowly will help keep me motivated to sling paint.
I have great hobby ambitions this year, as I am sure most of us do.
As of right now I plan to get the Majority, if not all, of my Dark Age figures fully painted and table top ready.
This is one of the games I plan to delve pretty deeply into as I like where its going a lot!
What with the awesome new Core being fleshed out and the new, Mayan inspired Kukulkani being previewed, it just keeps getting better and better.
     (Dark Age studios paint job)

I also have plans to continue work on my Confrontation armies throughout the year so I will be ready for the imminent release of Confrontation Phoenix!

Along with those, I am tentatively optimistic about Relic Knights. I bought into the Kickstarter for that one, so hopefully it wont be a dud.  We will see when March rolls around.

Definitely looks awesome though!

 I'm sure other games will be stuck in here or there. Warmachine and Hordes are always a constant of course.
It certainly seems as if Cool Mini Or Not will be getting a fair amount of my cash this year though.

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