Friday, January 11, 2013

Lady in.....Pink

So those of you that know of the Throne of Angels Video Blog know that he gives away a ton of cool stuff at random. If you dont know that, you may want to go check it out and subscribe cause as I said, he gives away a ton of cool stuff!!!

I recently was drawn out of his hat for a random giveaway, and recieved my prize in the mail just a few days ago.
I got a very awesome Limited. Breast cancer edition, Halo figure by cool mini or not.
These were all cast in pink resin as a fund raiser for Breast cancer awareness. ( or so I assume)

So, my question to all of you is, do you assemble this fig and leave it plain pink as it is,throw it on a shelf and forget about it, or would you paint it up as you would any other figure in your collection?
Or, the third option: paint it up, but paint with heavy pink accents to keep the figure in line with what it was originally made for?

Here's the awesome figure in question.
                                      (I assure you, she is bright freakin pink)

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