Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dark Age aplenty: Warwind, Lucky and a Buzzblade

I was actually able to get in a game of Dark Age recently, and as usual, playing a game gets me rip roaring to paint up the figs for it.
I had been wanting to paint up the Warwind for quite sometime. Mostly because she is a beast on the battlefield, but also because she is a cool looking sculpt as far as I'm concerned.
All the red pleather was my wife's idea. She thought a "Hooker Ninja" would be pretty sweet. 

Lucky is also pretty rocking on the battlefield, unfortunately, her sculpt is not so awesome.
For the "poster girl" of Samaria, I really thought the sculpt should be a little better. I mean, if you have seen the amazing artwork for her, you'll realize that the ball was somewhat dropped as far as the fig goes.

Ah well, she was still fun to paint nonetheless.
The rip in her stocking was an unintentional but pleasant surprise.
I was applying purple glazes to her leg in layers to suggest nylons and I guess I got a little impatient and applied another wash before the last one was totally dry. Well, part of the previous glaze came off and turned itself into a perfect tear. a little outlining to accentuate the mistake an Voila! a rip.

The last fig is just another Buzzblade of many. I can bust these out fairly quick as long as I keep the details and craziness to a minimum. Only seven more to go now..........

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Confrontation: Incubus of the Despot

Just finished this guy up over the last few days. Had a lot of fun painting him as I usually do with my Confrontation stuff.
I typically give my Middy's eyes without any pupils, but I couldnt help myself on this guy.
Turned out sort of creepy looking if you ask me. ;)
Only one more fig to go and I will have finished twenty of them! I'll toss up a group shot then.

Nothing much else to say about this guy. Thanks for looking, and let me know what ya think.

Extreme Close up!!Whoaaa! (gold star for movie reference)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Memory lane: Totem hunter

Some long time readers may have noticed this guy crop up in a pic here or there with other stuff on this blog. The Totem Hunter is just so awesome though, I thought he deserved his own spotlight.
This fig went through many, many layers of paint before I was happy with his scheme. I wanted him to stand out from any of the factions I would run him with, but also be somewhat dark since he is supposed to be such a stealthy, hide in the woods kind of  guy.

I dont know what the current thoughts are for the Totem hunters usefulness in games but I find myself always trying to squeeze him into my list just because he is so awesome looking.

thanks for looking!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Kiddy toy painting challenge

Well, over on the Dragon Painting forum, Angora runs a monthly painting competition for kicks and giggles as well as a way to get painters to push their realms of comfort.

This months challenge was a pretty different one, so I thought I would show ya what I come up with, and the process I take for it.

Basically, we are to find a dinky plastic toy of some sort, prime it up and paint it.
Should be pretty cool to see what everyone comes up with.
After rooting around in  my kids toy box, I was allowed to take an old Mcdonalds happy meal toy. (Think it was McD's anyway) Think it is a Ben10 toy but I honestly couldn't say with much surety.

Here is what I'm starting with.

All primed and glued to a base now. I hope to start slinging the paint tonight. All those big open surfaces may ground this project before I get too far, but I will try to persevere through to the end.

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