Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Gen Con recap and some Dark Age!

Well folks, I recently returned from Gen con, and I gotta say barring some minor travel problems, it was a freakin blast! I don't have a ton of pics from the con to show you here but if you are interested, my groups pictures can be found on the Geek Garage Facebook page .

My overall impression of the myriad of Miniature gaming booths is a mixed one. Some were great and a few were a little on the lacking side.

In my opinion, the Wyrd booth takes the cake as the best overall. Really awesome staff and a nice wide open area to peruse all of their wares. The new plastic sets are to die for, really some of the best new figs I have seen released in a while!
Of course, because of their level of awesome, I jumped into Malifaux 2E with both feet. Look for some terrain and my Viktorias crew to be on the blog in the very near future.

Ninja Division was partnered up with Hawk Wargames in the same booth location, and I must say that was a very powerful combo. So much great stuff is coming out of both of those companies right now. Of course with that amount of coolness, the booth was jam packed the whole weekend. I made sure to snag my Super Dungeon explore con exclusives, and I will be picking up one of the new Drop Zone Commander starters very soon!(most likely PHR)

Cool Mini or not definitely saw some of my Gen Con funds. The new Dark Age stuff was just too sexy to pass up. Its nice to see Dark Age get some much needed attention and watch all the beautiful new sculpts roll out.  This was yet another booth that was absolutely packed the entire time. Those Zombicide fans are bonkers!

Pretty surprisingly, none of my group hit up the Wild West Exodus booth at all. I know I for one had great expectations for this game, but the prices on the figs have already climbed prohibitively high for a family man such as myself. I think that turned off my entire group from making them a high priority.

Of course we cant forget the Warstore booth. Always have to stop and see what they have got on clearance. I was not disappointed and was able to Snag some Mierce miniatures figs at crazy deep discounts. 

Of course there were dozens of other booths there, but these ones stuck in my memory the most.

And now for a few pics of the most recent Dark Age stuff  I have finished. Can ya tell Gen con has my Dark Age love rekindled?

Again, you'll have to excuse my crap pics for now. I'll have a new phone within the next month or so!

First up are some ravages for my Forsaken lists. I know some people don't dig these older sculpts, but they definitely hold a special spot in my heart. That and they are single piece figs! Doesn't get better than that.

Next up are the Buzzblades tthat I have been trying to churn out. I need a grundle of these guys for games, so I'm not trying to be too fancy with them.

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