Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Badlands Terrain

So the new local game store has started to see quite a bit of miniature gamers traffic recently.
While that is an awesome thing, and I only hope it continues to grow, the terrain available to play on has left much to be desired. Not that it is such awful terrain per say, but most of it was built in the mid 90's and has really seen better days.
So, I decided to go ahead and start building terrain that would match the new 12'x4' board we finished for the shop.
I wanted it to cross genre very easily, so I tried not to do anything to it that would tie it to one game system specifically
Here are the first 8 pieces I came up with, which should soon be followed by more of a similar style.
I went ahead and displayed my Dark Age figs on them because that was the game we just  happened to be playing.
The main bulk of the pieces is just hard Styrofoam covered with uneven smatterings of wall joint compound(Spackle) to give them more of an uneven look and help strengthen the Styro.
Random bits of junk, sand, paint and static grass finished them off.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Infinity Malignos and Eiryss WIP

Finished up my Malignos the other night. I am very pleased with how he turned out. After a paint night with some buddies we hammered out his color scheme and I think it worked out rather well.
The colors don't quite match the rest of my Starter but with the basing and such I think it should be close enough.
 Two more basic Morat vanguard to go and the starter shall finally be at an end.

I also got quite a bit more done on the Epic Eiryss fig for the Miniature exchange. Gonna have to retool the face a bit, as everyone Ive shown her to seems to think she has a mustache, Yeesh! Ah well, Easy enough fix I guess. She is in the home stretch now.

Thanks for taking a look!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Miniature Exchange

At the beginning of June a few of us here on our local gaming Forum decide to do a miniature exchange just for the heck of it.
We ended up with 12 participants, which is freaking great as I really didn't expect more than about 6!
If all goes well, the plan is to turn this into a Bi-annual event.

The rules were fairly straight forward. Each person picked a regular man sized figure (20mm-30mm base) and gave it to the person they were paired with. You then have a month to finish and get the fig back to that person.
I gave a piper of Mid-Nor to my exchange buddy.
I was handed Epic Eiryss, Angel of Retribution, which I thought was pretty cool as I have never really even seen the fig in person very often.
So, after a late start, here is my first  WIP

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dark Age: Reaver/Hepzibah

The other day I got off work a few hours earlier than I expected, so I decided to use the time wisely and sling some paint.
I hadn't really planned on working on this fig at all, but watching the Book of Eli while I painted put me in a Post apocalyptic mood I guess.While I usually take weeks or  even months to finish one figure normally, this one was done basically start to finish in about 3 hours! Must be a new record for me.

This fig is extremely tiny, so it was very difficult to snap  a clear picture.
I'm fairly pleased with how she turned out all said and done. If nothing else, she finishes up my Demo force for my forsaken group.
I also included a pic of my Malignos, as I got a little bit more work done on him, and you can tell better where he is headed.

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