Sunday, February 19, 2012

WIP. Banes and Junker

Got a good chunk of these figs done at a local paint night, last night. These, plus a Reaver, will round out my Demo force for St. Mark, and then its on to the Skaard. I wanted to go with really neutral tones on these figs to highlight the fact that Mark is really the important model in the army.

I am fairly pleased with how they are turning out so far. The Banes are really large compared to the other figs in the force, which is weird because they are more  of the grunt troopers.

Also, here is a LINK to some pics from our paint night, posted over at the Geek Garage. We had a freakin blast as usual, and it seems our attendance goes up just about every time. Awesome!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Memory lane: Cryx double feature

Heres a few more of my old figs. Way back in MK1 I was pretty nuts about playing Cryx. I couldnt ever get a tactical handle on the coven, but I still really loved playing them because they were just so different form any other caster at the time.

The Necrotech never saw my lists too much then but I'm sure I would run him now if I could squeeze in some games.
I know the Necro and Scrap thrall were finished in Sep of '06 but I neglected to paint the date on the bottom of the covens base, so really cant recall when they were done.

Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dark Age: St. Mark

Well, just finished this guy up yesterday morning. He is a Limited edition St. Mark from one of the old starter sets.
  After multiple Dark Age games where his "Gods Light" weapon malfunctioned every turn, making him shoot himself in effect, Gamer superstition took over, and I thought I'd better get him completed to stop the curse from continuing.
We will see what happens with him this coming Wednesday.

I had to take multiple pics of this guy and just could not get any to turn out properly. So, while he looks insanely grainy in the pics he is really not all that bad in real life.
Thanks for taking a look .

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Port Tavern Completed

Well, just threw that last few finishing touches on this thing. All in all, it ended up a little bigger than I had intended but it works. I'm pleased enough with how it looks to feel like starting on another building right away, so look for WIP pics of that soon.
Thanks for takin a look!

It's Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup, after some pondering and deliberation I have decided to breathe life into my Blog once again.
I have been working on lots of new things and some of the same old as well.
The Geek Garage is still up and running, but it was clear that busy lives were getting in the way of posting content( dont they always) So, while I plan to post mostly here, I may still throw some stuff that way as well.
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