Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wrath of Kings Start and some Nasier

Way back when, I got on the Wrath of Kings kickstarter, as I'm sure a lot of you out there in the vast geekosphere did.

Well, I have recently decided I ought to start assembling, panting and playing with the monstrous horde of figs I received. 

I pledged for the two faction bundle, and Got Goritsi, the vampire/ werewolves, fast and maneuverable faction.
 I also got the Nasier which are the elemental mask wearing loonies. They value martial prowess above all else and hit like a Mac truck. 
I decided the Nasier would be my main faction to start gaming with, and working on.

I went ahead and started a slow grow league so people in my area could learn the game at an easy pace, but also get up to full on battle size eventually to use all their goodies.
We are currently at week 3 and although the turnout hasn't been amazing, we are having a blast playing the game.

Okay, nuff said. lets see the WIP's!
I have started by trying to assembly line a 12 strong unit of the Pelegarths, and I've also gotten a good start on a rank 2 leader, Arkan Thesh.

Arkan ought be done very soon now. He is one of my favorite figs in the line. such a creepy vibe going on with him.

Here are the 12 Pelegarths. I always try to do assembly line....and then I realize...... I HATE ASSEMBLY LINE PAINTING!!

 Here are a few pics from our first games. Love seeing the paint hit the table already. That's what these games are all about!

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