Sunday, September 27, 2015

Wargames Factory Skeletons

I snagged myself some of the Wargames Factory Skeletons the other day to use as randomly generated monsters for any games we may play, and to possibly use in a Necropolis army for Warlord. 

the figs on the sprue look so nice, I thought Id show you what comes in the box.

30 hard plastic figs come in the box for about $20 USD! Deals don't get much better than that.

the Box art is really awful.....but maybe they wanted it to look like an old claymation film?....
it's whats inside that counts though, right? :) 

Looks like every sprue is set up the same. 6 Skeletons with a variety of weapon options and shields.
Even some broken earth if you'd like your skeletons breaking out of the ground!

Here is a closeup of the actual skulls. Most skulls on the market are just to cartooney and blocky. I wanted something with a little more realism, as I plan to make a few green stuff press molds to add some skulls into my terrain and bases once in a while. 

Here are the quivers and shields. I don't plan to equip any of my skellies with bows. That has always seemed like too complex a skill for simple undead creatures. Hacking and slashing with swords and spears, yes.......pulling an arrow, nocking said arrow, drawing back and aiming to fire......seems ridiculous to me. 

After all is said and done, this seems to be a great kit. lots of utility here, even if you only pick it up for bits to add to other projects. Like I said, you cant beat the fig to money spent ratio on these guys. 

Maybe I can get a few of these painted and ready in time for the Halloween season! 
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