Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lord Carver, BMMD, Esq. III

Here is my Lord Carver I painted recently. He was my entry into a local paint competition, in which he took second place in small fig category. I took tons of WIP photos along the way to get feedback from my buddies as I progressed.
So, here is a photo dump from start to finish. Yup, you'll need to scroll all the way to the bottom for finished pics. :)

Beginnings of the base. I wanted something suitably epic for him to stand on after all.
So I started off with some Super Sculpey Firm, and stamped it with a rubber stamp I bought a while back. I wanted the floor he was standing on to look like it had once been a palace floor or some such thing.

The floor was set up on a few blocks of plaster rubble from said palace.

Placing Lord Carver on the base to dry fit where he would stand.

Next I needed to add some growing things to give it the look like Nature was slowly taking over what structure was left.
fortunately I live within yards of a mountain side, and can find all sort of basing and terrain goodies up there.

On one trip up the mountain I found a certain type of tall weed. I really dont have the slightest idea what it was but it had great little leaf shaped seed pods. I attached them to the trunk with some superglue. I kept the foliage pretty sparse as I didnt want to make this seem like a super healthy tree.

And the paint begins. first with just some mid town grays. and I then started glazing in some purples and teals to give it a darker cold look.

Next was some highlights to the gray and I started adding some mossy junk all over the place. Plys a mouse bone as that seemed fitting for a fig called the carver...

Onto Lord Carver himself.

Started working the metals on him. This is my favorite part ot do by far.

Here he is just about finished. Just need to attach him to the base really.

And onto the finished piece before I took him to the competition. I am pretty happy with  how he turned out. Definitely excited to paint some more pigs and possibly even get a little playable force. 

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