Thursday, February 26, 2015


Here is Drago, the monstrous, red, killing machine in all his finished glory!

Super glad to finally be striking this commission off of my to do list. I'm glad I got started on him since it gave the motivation I needed to bust out my airbrush. Really didn't want to paint and highlight all that red armor with a brush.

Let me know what you think, and thanks for looking!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

On the Bench: Malifaux and Khador

Been making a bit of progress here and there on a few figs lately.
Once I get these first two ladies finished, I'll have made a sizable dent in my Outcasts crew. Hope to have them all finished by mid March at the latest, so I can play fully painted a an upcoming tourney.

All the pics are a touch washed out do to the direct light from my painting lamp. I'll take proper pics when they are all finished.

Next up is a Drago commission that has been sitting as black primer way too long. I'm just slingin paint as fast as I can on this one to help clear out my backlog. His armor was my first crack at using an airbrush......I like how it turned out okay, but I will be less conservative with my highlight mixing next time. It was made fairly obvious to me that big step ups in color are required to get the desired look.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

More Malifaux Madness!

Well, I have a couple more Malifaux figs finally completed. I have really been enjoying all aspects of this game, from reading the fluff and painting the beautiful figures, to actually playing the game- an oddity for me for sure.

I am slowly chipping away at the Outcasts/Viktorias crew I like to run, though it is a slow process for me.
First, I have a desperate Mercenary, who was really one of the main Reasons I got into the game. He is the one from the cover of the core rulebook, and just looks freakin awesome! I decided since I loved the artwork on the book so much, that I would try and pain the figure as close as possible to match.
Black has always been a rough color for me to paint and highlight, but I am happy with how he turned out. Obviously I still have room for improvement but I'll get there.  

Next up is The Henchman of my crew, and Viktoria of ashes psychotic twin sister, Viktoria of Blood.
A buddy of mine thought it would be cool to reverse the scheme from the other sister, I decided to run with it, and am very pleased with how they look together now. Of course I had to add some red to pay homage to her bloodthirsty nature!

Now, a true shiny syndrome addiction wouldnt be complete with out jumping into multiple armies from the get go!
So I decided to jump headlong into Resurrectionists. I have always had a soft spot for the nasty and always under appreciated walking dead in my miniature games, so they seemed like the right fit.
( and who could pass on the awesomeness of the new, plastic Nicodem box?) 

And here is the Undead I have assembled thus far. Plus a few other Random Malifaux things I had sitting half completed.

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