Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Epic Skarre Deja Vu

Nope you're not going crazy, this really is a different figure from the last one.
This a commission for a guy who wanted a pretty close duplicate to the breast cancer brawl Skarre I did earlier this year. Sans Pink hair stripe that is. ;)
Second time around on this figure and she was till pretty enjoyable to paint, I may have to finally get one for myself.  Though I think I had better steer clear of the Burgundy coat. Don't want that many duplicate eSkarre's running around.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Memory lane and a bit of an explanation

Well, first off, I guess I had better address why my posts are so few and far between at the moment.
As seems to be the typical case in September, my Job goes absolutely bonkers and I rarely go home for more than just dinner and sleeping.

All can't be blamed on a hectic work schedule though. The free time that I do happen upon has been taken up by a Mr. Jim Butcher, and his amazingly awesome Dresden Files novels. 
Once the temperature begins dropping more rapidly and the days get considerably shorter, working should ease up and hobby updates can commence as usual.

In the meantime, I thought I'd show you a fig I painted a couple of years ago who holds the top spot in my collection as being the piece I am most proud of.
The Cyclops of Mid-Nor.
I finished him in 2010 just in time for Gen Con. I entered him in the Gen Con painting competition and was pleasantly surprised when he made it past the first cut and into the top 8 for "Large Figure category"  He didn't earn me any sort of medal or anything but I was more than happy with my first crack at a real, legitimate painting competition.
He also happens to be my only figure currently rated above an 8 at CMoN which landed him in the Cool Mini or Not annual for 2011.

Thanks for having a look.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Memory lane: Dwarf Lord

This guy is a relatively recent piece. Recent as in, he's only been collecting dust on my shelf for a few years now, rather than just shy of a decade.

I tried a lot of new things on this guy. He was one where I felt like I broke through on some new techniques. Zenithal Highlighting and learning how to shade and highlight metallics properly were the things I really tried to push with him.
I am still very pleased with how he turned out. i think this Dwarf will go down in history as my all time favorite GW sculpt, he's just got such a bad ass "Bring it on, I aint afraid" type of vibe going on.

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