Monday, September 14, 2015

Stay on target!

Hey folks, long time no see.
Decided I would show you what I have been conjuring up at the paint desk lately. Although ti has not been much, I must confess.

Somewhere along the line, X-Wing has caught my attention. "But X wing Minis are pre painted!" I hear some of you yell.

Well, just because something is already painted doesn't mean it shouldn't receive a better paint job, now does it?!!
No? I agree.

Of course, Rebels are the flavor I have started with. The thought of playing Imperials makes me feel all dirty....

Here are the first few ships that have seen a paint reboot for my fleet.

First to get the treatment....a Z-95

Next up is my A wing

An X wing.....which really doesnt look a whole lot different, because well, Luke needs a ship damn it!

Last and most definitely Bwing. Not a fan of how he turned out but he will stay as he is.

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