Sunday, April 29, 2012

Arcane Ruins set

So, the local game shop got this GW terrain set in, as kind of a promo I guess. Somebody else had assembled them, but they had yet to see any paint or other hobby attention, so I told the owner I'd take em home and turn them into something usable for the shop.

As you can tell,I didn't spend a ton of time dolling them up, but at least made them match main gaming board at the store.
They should work rather well for all the various skirmish games that are gaining steam around here.
Its actually a surprisingly nice little set, and at around 25$USD, its not too terribly priced. I may have to pick one up for myself, and make it suitably jungley for my home table.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Dark Age rumble

Well, Wednesday has turned into our official Dark Age day at the local game shop. I hadnt initially thought to take any pics, but it struck me about mid game that it might be kinda cool.
We had an odd number of players there, so we decided for a 3 person battle. We also decide to go for scenarios, since a 3 person free for all, inevitably sees one person getting crushed between the other two armies.
In Dark age, for those who aren't in the know, you roll for individual random scenarios. So, you basically have your very own agenda throughout the game. Each player places 3 objective markers in the "no mans land" area of the board(center strip), and then your scenario tells you what you have to do with the objective markers. Whether it will be running to a friendly objective to gather supplies and then retreat, or stealing something from an enemy objective,and so on.
You have to try and find a balance between disrupting your opponents conditions, and completing your own.
 I played a St Mark Forsaken force
My objective was a weapons grab. I had to make it to a random enemy objective(determined before game start) steal a weapon, and take it back off the field through an opponents deployment area. Yikes! The kicker is that this weapon is so heavy or cumbersome to the bearer that it slows them down substantially.

Grim, playing Ice caste Dragyri, had an objective to kill half of his opponents force. Since it was a 3 person event we just let him spread that across both armies.

The Wyrm, playing Air caste Dragyri, had to have three troops pick up supplies from his own objective marker and get them back to his  deployment area.

I ran my small Strike squad out early game, since they were one of the few units in my army that could heft the weapon and still be fast enough to move at all.
My Warwind and lone Junker headed over to Grims ice caste force to be a pain in his side. I had a squad of three banes on the table before this, but a lightning strike spell from Wyrms, Yovanka made sure they were exiting the battle early. 

 St mark and his Medic escort stare down Yovanka and her oncoming horde of Guard slaves.
In typical fashion, Marks gun Malfunctioned once, causing himself a wound. My medic had done a little healing, but these two were really inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.
 Grims insane armor rolls made sure that most of his ice caste slaves survived the onslaught of the Warwind and Junker. They did drop a Frostbite trueborn on the way down though. (consolation I guess)
 Grims force prepares to assault the Wyrms ranks with the Deaths Device trueborn warrior. With some more astounding armor saves and  a brutal assault on the elementals, the Wyrms other flank was pretty decimated.
By this point, Grim had more than completed his objective. My Snails pace strike squad was cut down in hand to hand combat by Yovanka herself, dropping their precious cargo to the ground, and the Wyrm was trying to make a mad dash back to his deployment zone. With mine and the wyrms objective not completed after the hour and a half time limit, we called the game in Grims favor.

There were a lot more things going on obviously,  but these were some of the highlights of the battle.

Really was a fun game. I find myself enjoying Dark Age more and more, each time I play.
You guys out there may want to give it a try, you wont regret it.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A peek at the madness

While I was perusing some of the blogs I follow, I came across some that have posts showing off their work/hobby space. I always find it rather interesting to see what other peoples set ups look like, so I thought I'd snap a few pics of my own area....messy as it may be.

When we moved into our new house in 2010, my wife was kind enough to grant me about a third of our unfinished basement to use as I saw fit. Of course, once we decide to finish it up , I will have to consolidate a bit. But for now, I am spread all over the place, and I freakin love it!

                              The desk as a whole
                             Where the actual work gets done
                      Primered projects, Projects waiting on primer, and those that need some sort of fixing
                               Works in progress/projects that are ready to start
                            Top right drawer with extra paint pots and Inks.
                        Second right drawer with basing supplies
                                 Top left drawer with figs that need stripping or newly assembled
                                   2nd left drawer with more of the same as the top
               Extra blister packs. These things come in handy for a ton of stuff, so I  Never toss em.        
                And, across the room is new boxes and blister waiting for the chance to make it to the desk
Well, there's my mess. Thanks for taking a look.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Assembling the Masses

Finally caught the assembly bug! The Local game store owner asked if I would assemble the Titan for his Skorne starter box, and I thought if I was going to be putting another one of those pains together I might as well make a day of it.
Typically I hate assembling, but occasionally I find the groove and bust a bunch of stuff out all at once. Still have a bit of gap filling to do but my Greenstuff had gotten too hard to continue working with.
The biggest bonus is now I can try out my Epic Baldur Wold lists!

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