Sunday, February 1, 2015

More Malifaux Madness!

Well, I have a couple more Malifaux figs finally completed. I have really been enjoying all aspects of this game, from reading the fluff and painting the beautiful figures, to actually playing the game- an oddity for me for sure.

I am slowly chipping away at the Outcasts/Viktorias crew I like to run, though it is a slow process for me.
First, I have a desperate Mercenary, who was really one of the main Reasons I got into the game. He is the one from the cover of the core rulebook, and just looks freakin awesome! I decided since I loved the artwork on the book so much, that I would try and pain the figure as close as possible to match.
Black has always been a rough color for me to paint and highlight, but I am happy with how he turned out. Obviously I still have room for improvement but I'll get there.  

Next up is The Henchman of my crew, and Viktoria of ashes psychotic twin sister, Viktoria of Blood.
A buddy of mine thought it would be cool to reverse the scheme from the other sister, I decided to run with it, and am very pleased with how they look together now. Of course I had to add some red to pay homage to her bloodthirsty nature!

Now, a true shiny syndrome addiction wouldnt be complete with out jumping into multiple armies from the get go!
So I decided to jump headlong into Resurrectionists. I have always had a soft spot for the nasty and always under appreciated walking dead in my miniature games, so they seemed like the right fit.
( and who could pass on the awesomeness of the new, plastic Nicodem box?) 

And here is the Undead I have assembled thus far. Plus a few other Random Malifaux things I had sitting half completed.

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