Tuesday, February 10, 2015

On the Bench: Malifaux and Khador

Been making a bit of progress here and there on a few figs lately.
Once I get these first two ladies finished, I'll have made a sizable dent in my Outcasts crew. Hope to have them all finished by mid March at the latest, so I can play fully painted a an upcoming tourney.

All the pics are a touch washed out do to the direct light from my painting lamp. I'll take proper pics when they are all finished.

Next up is a Drago commission that has been sitting as black primer way too long. I'm just slingin paint as fast as I can on this one to help clear out my backlog. His armor was my first crack at using an airbrush......I like how it turned out okay, but I will be less conservative with my highlight mixing next time. It was made fairly obvious to me that big step ups in color are required to get the desired look.

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