Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dust tactics: U.S. walker finished

Recently we have had a bit of Dust interest drum up.
So, I decided I would go and revisit the walker I started some time ago.
I hadnt planned on finishing it right away, but things began to flow and before I knew it, I was done.

I had originally just left it the weathered white color but it was looking pretty plain and bland.
I went ahead and asked a buddy what he thought I should do, and of course, he piped up with one of the hardest things to do(in my opinion). Freehand!

I went ahead and added the hazard stripes and Ally shield,  along with some individually painted battle marks and I'm pretty pleased with the results now.
I had a lot of fun painting this thing. A lot more fun than I have had in a while as a matter of fact!
I'm pretty stoked to move onto the next walker and Infantry right away.


  1. Those came out great! Nice work.


  2. The weathering is fantastic. Have you done any articles showing your method for doing it?

    1. Thanks! I have not done an article as this was really a first ever attempt.
      perhaps I'll have a crack at it on one of the next walkers I do.

  3. Geez can't believe there is a gas tank on the back of that turret...

    Hahaha!! Bro, I've told you this a bunch but I think this guy is kick A!!! Made me want to start painting up mine.

    I kinda dig Boomer the Sherman Chicken ;)


    1. Haha! You're a punk. Get those Germans cracking man, I want to see em!


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