Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Port town Slums

Here's a small terrain piece Ive been working on for the slowly growing Port town.
My buddy, John has been tutoring me in some pretty cool techniques on how to do some different stuff for terrain pieces and so I have been putting them into use here.

Here's is a link to the stuff he's been working on for himself that I have been following to help inspire my own stuff. Geek Garage

The plan has morphed slowly in my head over the last little while, but as of now I plan to have the bottoms and undersides kind slummy with mine entrances and mis-matched, shoddy architecture, and the top being more of a useable city/boardwalk(still shoddy though). Somewhat hard to imagine I know, but I think it will all come together once I get some more done on this piece and start work on a few more similar pieces.

More to come!

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