Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Memory lane: Khong-To, slayer of the warmbloods!

In this Memory lane, I'm showing one of my, as of yet rarely seen, Warlord figures from Reaper Miniatures.
Khong-To is the ruler and war leader of the Reptus faction in Warlord.
This guy has seen a spot in at least 90% of my Warlord lists because he is amazing in the game and he is a great and somewhat unusual figure.
 I loved painting this guy. he is another one of those figures that just flowed well from start to finish.

This is the figure that basically drew me to the game, which has really turned out be a lot of fun.
It was a pretty odd move for me, as there is a faction of Dwarves in Warlord, and I always seem to gravitate to the Dwarves in almost every game.
 Perhaps once we start playing Warlord again, you will see this guy in the battle reports.

Thanks for looking!

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