Friday, January 18, 2013

A proud, proud day!

Well, I thought I would go ahead and show off the work of my hobbyist in the making......Recently my 6 year old boy has taken a big interest in "Dads cool figs" so, I decided that it was time to see if he could handle some figures of his own.

I let him peruse through all of my Warmachinr and Hordes books and look at all the studio models online.
He was pretty torn between Cygnar and Circle but eventually came down in favor of huge robots over huge monsters, so Cygnar it was.

He was gung ho right away about painting his figures up, so we went and grabbed a cheapy Reaper fig that he could practice on to get the idea of a few techniques I would teach him.

Well, he took to it right away and came away with some awesome results.
He found it a little difficult to wait for things to dry but he persevered to the end. 

Here's his first two paint jobs. He is very interested to hear what everyone thinks of his Doods. :)

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