Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Badlands Terrain

So the new local game store has started to see quite a bit of miniature gamers traffic recently.
While that is an awesome thing, and I only hope it continues to grow, the terrain available to play on has left much to be desired. Not that it is such awful terrain per say, but most of it was built in the mid 90's and has really seen better days.
So, I decided to go ahead and start building terrain that would match the new 12'x4' board we finished for the shop.
I wanted it to cross genre very easily, so I tried not to do anything to it that would tie it to one game system specifically
Here are the first 8 pieces I came up with, which should soon be followed by more of a similar style.
I went ahead and displayed my Dark Age figs on them because that was the game we just  happened to be playing.
The main bulk of the pieces is just hard Styrofoam covered with uneven smatterings of wall joint compound(Spackle) to give them more of an uneven look and help strengthen the Styro.
Random bits of junk, sand, paint and static grass finished them off.

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