Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dark Age aplenty: Warwind, Lucky and a Buzzblade

I was actually able to get in a game of Dark Age recently, and as usual, playing a game gets me rip roaring to paint up the figs for it.
I had been wanting to paint up the Warwind for quite sometime. Mostly because she is a beast on the battlefield, but also because she is a cool looking sculpt as far as I'm concerned.
All the red pleather was my wife's idea. She thought a "Hooker Ninja" would be pretty sweet. 

Lucky is also pretty rocking on the battlefield, unfortunately, her sculpt is not so awesome.
For the "poster girl" of Samaria, I really thought the sculpt should be a little better. I mean, if you have seen the amazing artwork for her, you'll realize that the ball was somewhat dropped as far as the fig goes.

Ah well, she was still fun to paint nonetheless.
The rip in her stocking was an unintentional but pleasant surprise.
I was applying purple glazes to her leg in layers to suggest nylons and I guess I got a little impatient and applied another wash before the last one was totally dry. Well, part of the previous glaze came off and turned itself into a perfect tear. a little outlining to accentuate the mistake an Voila! a rip.

The last fig is just another Buzzblade of many. I can bust these out fairly quick as long as I keep the details and craziness to a minimum. Only seven more to go now..........

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