Wednesday, January 8, 2014

So.....uh...back again! With 100% more Super Dungeon Explore

So, I guess this is going to be a normal thing for me. Just call me the king of flip flopping! I yet again have the drive to work on my own blog!

This time I'll just have to realize that I cant always keep Scotty's Workshop updated, and even after a long hiatus from the hobbying world, I can still come back and pick things back up. 
I guess I just like this place too much to go away for long.

I have had an awful lot of Hobby projects going for the past while and now seems like as good a time as ever to share them with you!
After this rambling gibberish, I had better leave with something of value to gander at.

So, here is my Progress on my Super Dungeon Explore figs so far. I have mostly been working on the Von Drak manor stuff, as it really hearkens back to playing Castlavania 2, Simon's Quest! Loved that game, and wasted endless hours playing it over and over again, so this SDE set was a very welcome addition indeed!

Skull Bats
Dust mage
Dread Knights (my faves)
Group shot, because you know I love em!

I have a few more which are very near completion now. Look forward to those soon!
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