Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend WIP's

Well, I found a few more minutes this weekend to put some paint on a few figs.
Black Ivan and Janissa are both commissions for locals. This is the first Troll I've ever worked on (barring Boomhowler that is) and so far it has been pretty enjoyable. All the large, exaggerated features really make painting a breeze.
The owner of the figure asked for an orangey-brown skin tone along with purple cloth as the base colors. Hopefully she is looking Orange enough.
Black Ivan is just base coats for now, but by the end he will be severely beat up and battle damaged. Oh, and if you couldn't tell....yup, he's an extreme jack. Oh, the hand cramps in store for me. :(

I also busted out my alt Stryker fig to work on. I'm finding it very difficult since he is primed black, but I did add a few glazes here and there and get some paint on that wild hair!
He was one of the few dozen figs that I had already primed when I decided to make the transition from black to white primer.
Most of those figs are sitting in partially finished states as I really just dont enjoy painting over black any longer.
I know i could strip all of them back to bare metal, and I probably will someday, but that never seems to be top priority when I find some hobby time.

Thanks for lookin!

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