Monday, October 22, 2012

EndZone paint night and IKRPG start

Well, after a bit of a break for the end of summer activities that always seem to zap everyone's time, we were able to get together and have another very enjoyable paint night.
Lots of painting going on of course, but a lot of people were there to get help on setting up a character for an Iron Kingdoms RPG session that will start early next month.
As of right now, I will be playing a Dwarven Ranger/Arcane mechanic.
That could change as I get more familiar with the rules though. Really just going for what sounds cool at the moment. My good buddy grim will be playing a Dwarven Military officer(retired)/bounty hunter.
Our Dwarves will be brothers that were booted out of the Rhulic military for some unknown reason, and moved to Northern Khador to open up a mechanics shop.
My dwarf does the work in the shop and Grims dwarf hunts down those that don't pay up.
That's how our back-story sits as of right now anyway.  More as things progress over the next few weeks!
I really only ended up painting for a small portion of the night, but I did get some good progress done on the Extreme Black Ivan I'm working on. as soon as I get some decent pics snapped, you'll be able to see him in all of his beat up, rusted glory. :)

 The table where most of the paint was happening.

 And, the character building table.

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