Monday, May 14, 2012

Memory Lane: Adventurers

Occasionally, I get the itch to paint figures that aren't necessarily for any game. I use them primarily to try out new techniques or color schemes before I apply them to my various armies.

After a few years of doing this I have accumulated a decent smattering of random figs, that would probably be fairly well suited for an RPG or some such thing. More than likely it wil be pathfinder, eventually. 
Here is a small selection of some that I have finished and ended up liking quite a bit.
From left to right(I think) Reaper, King Denethal, Chronopia, Barbarian and a Chainmail, Eleven Rogue.

Oh how I wish that WoTC still made their Chainmail figs. I really, really liked them quite a lot. 
Thanks for taking a look.

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