Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Army painter: Grass tufts

For the longest time, I have been making my own grass tufts using the really long woodland scenics grass, and then just cutting it down to size as I saw fit. Not a bad option all in all, but it isn't a fast or clean one either.

The other day, my local shop got the Army Painter tufts in stock, so I grabbed a few packages to give them a go. I always wanted to try them, but I hate paying shipping for stuff online so I never snagged any till now.

If you have been on the fence about giving these a try, I would say go ahead and make the jump. They are very inexpensive for the amount you get and are about as quick and easy as it gets.
I went ahead and grabbed a variety, so I could put them on all sorts of figs that I already have finished.
I think I'll be grabbing the rest of the range...possibly even the ones with little flowers on them. :)

 Apply with a small dab of superglue to the base, and then press the tuft into the glue spot with tweezers.

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