Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Knight Models: 72mm Magneto

For my most recent Birthday, my wife came to me and asked if there was anything Hobby related that I would like besides gaming figures that inevitably end up sitting in my unpainted pile of shame for months or even years.
I had been eying these Superhero figs form Knight Models for quite a while but couldn't bring myself to drop the cash necessary to grab one, when there are so many Gaming figs that I still want. ;)
So, I showed her some of the ones that I had been looking at the most heavily which included Magneto, Colossus and Captain America.

A couple of weeks later I was pleasantly surprised when I got this package in the mail. To my extreme dismay, he was missing his left leg! Once we finally got a hold of the folks at CoolMiniorNot, they sent it out very quickly.

I have to admit that I am extremely intimidated by such a large, detailed fig.

                             Neat little tin they come packaged in
                            Everyting in the package(after replacement) 2 head options, though I dont know      why you would ever opt for the non-helmeted one.
                            Close up of the detail. Casting seems to be excellent so far. Really crisp detail and no air bubbles or flash present at all.
So there ya have it. I hope to get started on him relatively soon.
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