Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Port town slums update

Got quite a bit more work done on this seemingly never ending project.
My overall vision is really starting to take shape now.

I need to continue the boardwalk and affix some hanging supports for the suspended  part, then it will be onto the other side which will not have quite as much going on.

More pics can be seen after the jump! So make sure to click the link!

Here is a shot of the right hand side where I've gone for a stuccoed look. Probably going to paint some sort of local advertisement here.
I carved out some cobblestones on this part to break up the monotony of all the wood planking.
Will probably end up putting some crates and small barrels out on it in the future.

 This shows the detailing of the smaller middle building that connects the two larger structures.
Wanted to keep this wall pretty plain since there was already a lot of surrounding texture.
Wish I had used a little more forethought and put lights in throughout the windows and doors. Ah well, perhaps on the next building I will.
 Here is the overall look of how things are coming together. The black foam core will be suspended planking, creating more surfaces for the figures to go on.

My wife actually spotted the octopus for me at a local craft store and thought it would work well with my pirate themed buildings. What a great find! Just a few more steps and I can start painting the thing.

Tell me what ya think of it, or if you've got any suggestions for other cool stuff, I'm all ears.
Thanks for looking!
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