Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dust Tactics update; BBQ squad and Hotdog Walker finished.

Had so much fun painting up my first Dust walker from earlier that I had to move right on into the next one.
My freehand work didnt end up identical to the first but Its close enough for the table top job these are all getting.
The unit of troops was super quick and fun to paint. Its really kind of nice to have something that I can just grind through without having to put a ton of thought into it.
Had my first game the other day which basically ended up a slaughter where I had nothing left on the table. Was still a good time though and hopefully my troopers will show up to fight next time around.
Working on a squad of "Grim Reapers" Heavy attack rangers currently, so stay tuned for those.

And here is a shot of the whole crew together, Ready to whoop some axis scum..........eventually......

Also, for those interested. I threw a post up on the Geek Garage site a few days ago with the latest addition to my Mid-Nors.

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