Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Janissa Stonetide

Wow! Another slow start for posting this month, I have got to stop that! I have worked on quite a few things and we did have our first IK encounters.......unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of it. We had a great "LEROY JENKINS!" moment in the first encounter which actually worked out for the better in the end.
That should teach us to pair up an Ogrun and a crazy dwarf with no sane player anywhere near them.

Anyway, our IK night was paired with a paint night so some of us peeled off the group and sat down to paint after the first encounter.
I finally got Janissa finished, since she just needed a few details and some touch-ups. . She ended up a lot darker and more biker chick/Dominatrix looking than I had originally intended, but I like it so hopefully the client will  as well.
 The base was left bare at the clients request.
i also went ahead and threw in a later WIP because it actually shows her quite a bit clearer than the two final pics.

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