Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Miracles can and will happen

That's rights folks. the other day my wife proved that Miracles Can, and occasionally will occur.
So first off, you need a little back story. The summer time is when I really start to stock up on figs as I start to work a lot more(more money) and I have less time to paint.
Well, at the beginning of this summer my wife stumbled upon my stock of unpainted and unassembled figures. I had them hiding in a few drawers and for some reason she decide she needed something in said drawers. Needless to say she was a bit upset with all the figures I have amassed and neglected.
Over the last month or two I have been slaving(I hate assembling figs) away at trying to make a decent dent in the hoard you may have seen in some of the more recent posts. I guess this had not gone unnoticed by her and she took it upon herself to head to the local shop and pick me out some figs!
Yup, you heard right.
Not only did she go and randomly pick some figures for me, but they were ones I had wanted, and were for a specific Dark Age sub-faction and can be played together. Which is awesome!
She assures me she had no help in her decision, which can only mean she does listen to my endless babble about Wargames!
I am now the proud owner of St. Luke and a blister of his arsenal troopers. I think I will have to give these guys a quick assembly and paint job to show my appreciation.

Looking for color suggestions on these guys as well.  ;)

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