Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Abandoned factory WIP

A while back I saw a bunch of resin terrain (cant remember where) for sale online that I really loved, but it just so happens to be out of my price range, so I thought I would use it as inspiration to make some of my own similar stuff.

Here are some pics of the factory I have been creating. Each stone block is cut individually from pink foam so it is not a fast process at all.
I'm thinking when its done, it ought to fit great in Malifaux, Warmachine, Confrontation and RPG games.

The beginning of the blocks being added to the main foam core structure.

The wood under structure that would be exposed where blocks had fallen off.

More blocks and the wooden surround under the roof eves.
First fully blocked in side.

Added the doorway using square balsa dowels and a ramp to the door with a pink foam wedge.

Completed front and blocked steps.

Added a cellar entrance and a boiler to the corner of the structure. Boiler was made with a DIY Christmas ornament.

Added small tacs to the slats for more details.

Beginning of the roof

Roof tiles glued into place.

 A light on inside?.....perhaps its not abandoned after all!  Mwahaha!!

Just a few more details to add and it will be time to paint this big old bugger. Stay tuned and thanks for looking!
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