Tuesday, April 1, 2014

On the bench

Lately it seems I have started a lot of projects but really dont have anything finished to show as of yet. So, I thought an "on the bench" post was in order!

It seems with the release of the all new card decks for Dark Age, my interest in the game has been rekindled. I have gotten a few games in and started work on the figs again. I really, really love painting these figures but couldn't get much oomph to do so when the game was not drawing my attention.

Here is what I have been working on.

Now, with all of this Dark Age craziness abound, Wild West Exodus was not to be forgotten.
Just some basecoats and washes on this guy for now. I plan to ramp up on him over the coming days.

Last but definitely not least, is my Yaogat strike force leader for my Morat aggression sectorial army.

I always have one Infinity fig in the works. Only one though, because if I were to try and assembly line paint these tiny, detailed little buggers, my eyes might just melt right out of my skull.

Thanks for taking a look! Let me know what you think or what changes you might add to these!
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