Sunday, March 17, 2013

On the Bench

Wow! what a slacker I have been this month, half way through and just putting up my first post. I did actually finish a few figures very recently but forgot to snap pics before they got sent off to the new owners. Ah well, live and learn I guess.

For now, I 'll go ahead and show some of the current WIP's I am actively working on.

Have a few Dark age things in the wroks up first. Really pleased with how the Junker chick is turning out so far. Not so terribly pleased with the Buzzblade yet though.

More pics after the Jump

Also got a good chunk of My first Wold done for my up and coming Epic Baldur army.
Going with more of a sandstone look just to break from the norm of Grey Wolds.

And here is the latest Mid-Nor Dwarf I have been working on. Just cant stop working on these creepy little buggers.

Last but not least is the completed picture of my contribution to the Prize support for the Local Warmachine Weekend qualifier tournament.

You can learn more about what went on there and see the WIP's over on my partner blog. Geek Garage

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