Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Randomness: Dust tactics

I have been thinking heavily on painting my Dust tactics stuff, which will be stand ins for an American army in Secrets of the third Reich, and I finally had an idea strike while I was watching the movie Shooter.

When they are self camouflaging  their rifles with ferns and spray paint, I thought "I should try that on something" and Bam! What better thing to try on than a big old ww2 tank/mech?

I have quite the collection of plastic plants that I adorn bases and terrain with, so sacrificing a bit of fake fern for the project wasnt too bad. Since these figs start out green, I went ahead and grabbed my White spray and the fake foliage, laid it out in random spots, sprayed the white directly over the top and continued across most of the model until I was satisfied with the look of it.
On the next walker I do, I think I'll hold the plastic fern a little closer to get the pattern a little more defined.

After the spray dried I started adding rusty damage spots with a spare piece of torn blister foam. I tried to keep most of the wear on the edges of things to help simulate heavy use. So, this is where it stands for now. I plan to do a bit more weathering and some blast marks on the guns, followed by a whole slew of ww2 decals from an old P-51 model kit.

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